Whether it’s protective railing on the factory floor or safety barriers along a highway or around a parking lot, guardrails are essential for protecting people and property from unexpected accidents. King Fence CO knows your safety concerns and we’re ready to design and install a superior guardrail system for whatever your needs. At King Fence CO, we understand that safety and durability go hand in hand. That’s why we provide quality steel guardrails designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards. That means our guardrails stand up to the beating and heavy impacts that typically damage or destroy inferior systems. At the same time, King Fence CO steel guardrails provide a more economical alternative than concrete or other barriers. No matter what size the project, our certified installers will ensure that every guardrail is anchored properly, efficiently and according to code. Special fabrication and custom galvanization services are available to suit your specific requirements. And as always, the King Fence CO name means dependability, durability and service that you can trust. Demand the Best. Demand a King Fence CO guardrail system.

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