Vinyl Fences

For the past 25 years, Vinyl Fence products have continued to increase in demand from homeowners nationwide and our fence company continues to get calls requesting information on it’s cost, colors, and durability.

Benefits of a vinyl fence:
- Highly visible- an excellent physical and psychological barrier
- Eliminates maintenance headaches- no rust, rot or insect damage
- Smooth surfaces- no sharp edges, slivers or snags.

A good vinyl fence stands head an shoulders above all others in terms of style and care-free maintainence. They come in many different heights and styles that range from a full-privacy fence to semi-privacy to picket styles. Colors include: White, Monterey Sand, Beige, Dark Taupe, Grey and Mocha. While white is still the most popular color choice, many are choosing a tan or clay color in order to more evenly match to the existing color scheme of the home itself.

It’s easy to care for a vinyl fence too. Most products on require that the fence itself be hosed off with plain water or a light soap solution. Beware of using a power washer though! Power washers and pressure washers are often more powerful than you think and close-up blast has been known to punch nickle-sized holes in a fence every now and then. If you stick with a regular hose or the pressure washer on the low setting, you should be able keep your Vinyl fence clean with only a few washes per year.

Another point to remember is that Vinyl is a actually a petroleum based product which means it’s price is tied very closely to the rise and fall of oil prices. If you’ve spoken with a friend of family member who had their Vinyl fence installed a few years back, you might want to take their price estimate with a grain of salt.


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